Monday, 22 August 2011

Soap Nuts

So I have to do another post today and product review that I am totally in love with!  They are called Soap Nuts.  These nuts are actually berries that grow on trees in Asia and India.  Apparently they have been used for thousands of years and are 100% pure and natural.  They contain something called Saponin that is the substance that washes your clothes.  They can also be boiled down and used to clean veggies, yourself, and numerous other things.  I think I'll stick to laundry.  They can be used 4-8 times, depending on your load and how hot your water is.  I use the lukewarm setting so we will see.  I guess you will know if you need to change your soap nuts when the foaming doesn't happen in the washing machine.

They smell a little funny, earthy I guess.  But they do not make your clothes smell like anything.  You can add essential oils to the laundry water if you'd like but really you don't have to.  The musty smell in some of my towels have gone away and the best part is that you don't even need to use a fabric softener - my clothes and towels came out so soft and fluffy.   They are highly recommended for cloth diapers and wipes because of the odour eliminating power of them (yay for me!!).  They are also healthy for baby when washing baby clothes and linens....and of course for us as well!

And another thing - they are CHEAP!  For 150-300 loads, I pay $20.  (It depends on how many washes I can get out of them).  I am currently ordering from Bare Organics.  They are located in Thunder Bay, which is awesome - still in Ontario.  They have a flat rate shipping of $8.95 no matter what you order.  So stock up!  I'm sure someone sells them here, I just have not come across anybody who sells them.  If anybody see's them around locally let me know!

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