Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Project - PeePee TeePee's!

I went to the States yesterday and at Motherhood Maternity they had these little teepee's to catch little boy's peepee lol.  I knew I had to make them!  They do not take a lot of time and I think they will make changing a bit more pleasant for Ryan and I :) The pictures are not great considering I used my Blackberry to take the pictures - sorry I was lazy!

Here they are:

1.  Cut out a template (circle) for your peepee teepee.  I used a 7" round plate and traced it on a piece of paper.  Place your template on a piece of felt (I was able to stack 3 at a time) and pin it in place.  If you are using more than one piece of material, you will need to make sure the template is pinned securely and there is no ripples in the material.  To help with that, make sure you iron your material very flat before you start.

2.  Fold your material right sides together and sew along the edge with about a 1/4" seam.  Make sure you leave a gap in order to turn your material right side out.  I did mine in the mid part of the seam but you can do it at the very end as well.

3.  This part can be skipped if desired, but I like to add a few triangle cuts at the turn to make it a bit easier.

4. Turn right side out and slide a chopstick (or anything that will do the trick) along the seam in order to make the sewn side as flat as possible.  Iron your turned out sides flat, ensuring you tuck in the opening in to create a smooth arc.

5. Choose whatever type of stitch you like.  I did a triple stitch zig zag.  Choose your colors to match your material if desired.  Note, I only did the color on the side that is going to show.  The inside was done in white.  Fold your material in half, right sides together in order to prepare sewing the seam.  

6. Sew your seam to along the unsewn side to create the cone shape.  You may find it easier to pin the side first before sewing it so your material doesn't slip.  Be sure to seal the top corner so you don't get a surprise through the top of your teepee when you put it on your little boy!

7.  Turn your teepee's right side out and shape into a cone.  There you have it!  


  1. Too bad they don't make something for explosive poo! It's inevitable...the diaper's off, the kid poos.

  2. I've been looking! So far no luck though :s Maybe I'll just make an entire tent to go over the kid haha