Monday, 22 August 2011

Renovations and Baby Kicks (and hiccups!)

Our renovations are coming along nicely.  With the help of Grandma & Grandpa Dufour, our hallway is now painted.  I just love the colour - "Light Avocado".  I just have to say, that was a verrrrry long day for me.  Our bedroom is also near completion.  Just waiting for the trim around the window to go up and the bar for the sheers to go up and it's done!  We are putting a television on the wall as well but that can wait :)

The crib is also ordered.  It's the Graco Charleston.  I love it.  It should be in by next week.  Once the nursery is complete, the furniture will be set up and room cleaned so I can start prepping the nursery with the super cute things I already have for our baby boy.

This has been a long week.  I did a stretch of 3 midnights (yes, that's long), and I am exhausted.  I find that it is very hard to sleep during the day.  I'm sure if we had black out blinds it would be easier, but I just find that I am very uncomfortable and feel dehydrated by the time I wake up.  I am going to have to think and reconsider working any more nights.  I  may work one more set and then get a note.  By my next midnight shift, I will be 7 months pregnant (where does the time fly!).  So I may just stick it out for that one and then go off.....

Ryan FINALLY felt the baby move more than one time yesterday for the first time.  He came up while I was waking up (from midnights) at about 2pm and Baby D was waking up as well.  It was funny to see his expression!  Baby D is also starting with his hiccups now.  Last night he had them for about 10 minutes at 1am.... just when I was about to fall asleep.... so  I was up a bit longer than anticipated.  It's hard to get back into a routine after midnights....but since I have 3 day shifts coming up I'm going to have to try very hard to do so!

And now it's time to make some awesome Sicilian white zucchini soup!  (that's not the real name, I don't even know if we have a real name for this soup but it's darn good!)

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