Saturday, 26 May 2012

What's going on around here

It has been a bit hectic around our house lately.....where to start...

Well, I bought a car.  I bought a 2012 Ford Focus...Sedan not Hatchback :(  Hatchbacks are kid friendly due to lack of space in the trunk.  I am however, in LOVE with my car.  I don't even have it yet and I'm loving it!!  It's the "titanium" edition which is a fancy word for "fully loaded".  I'm talking navigation, myford touch, sync, heated leather seats, heated side mirrors, remote start, etc....  I finally bought a car that I totally deserve!  I will have it by Friday due to it coming directly from the factory, but here is a view of what it looks like from the internet.  CLICK HERE to see what I will be driving very soon!  (*note* the video is pretty cheesy but you can see what it looks like)

We have also been giving our backyard a total makeover.  Here is a before photo:

And here is a during photo:

The shed has been taken down and there will be a patio and driveway poured on the right side coming across to where the big square piece of dirt is (the stones were put in the back corner where the tarp is so that we can put a nice shed up).  Where the old shed is (on the left), we are going to put a tent gazebo up with a set of dining chairs and table, and where the square of dirt is in the middle, there will be our long chairs, table and chiminea.  I'll be sure to put some photos up when we make more progress ("we" meaning Ryan and his dad!)

Ethan has been pretty cranky.  As I always say, he is teething but I have a feeling it may be because I have been eating dairy again.  Maybe not, but I can't think of any other reason why he'd be so cranky for a week straight.  He isn't always cranky, just when he is tired (which is pretty much all day - that boy LOVES his naps!).  Here are a few photos from the last few days.

 In Grama & Grampa's Stroller
 Feet photos because I just LOVE them!
 Happy boy in his bouncie chair
Enjoying some tummy time on the bed and sucking on his fingers
In one of his ADORABLE summer outfits.

I guess from these photos you would never know he's been a cranky mess!  He really hasn't been that bad, just here and there - I put him down for a nap and all is good :D

Now for some more exciting stuff to read.... I made these cookies tonight and OH MY WORD are they ever good.  A friend brought one over last week and I couldn't stop thinking of it.  She bought it, I made them.  Thankfully we are going for dinner tomorrow so I will be bringing them for dessert.  (I'll post more on that tomorrow).


The photo doesn't do them justice, but trust you me, they are to die for.  And SUPER easy to make.  Just 6 ingredients!  Enjoy if you decide to make them!

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