Monday, 21 May 2012


Well, not really, but more than usual Ethan has been miserable.  I am almost positive it's related to teething... poor guy can't keep his fingers or objects out of his mouth.

He has also been all over the place with his naps (he has slept for 3 hours at a time the last couple days) but today he only slept for 40 minute naps so he was waaaay overtired tonight but had a hard time going down.  He wanted lots of cuddles today!

He is definitely loving his jolly jumper though.  As soon as he sees me take it out he is a super happy baby!  Again, I tried to upload a video but unfortunately it just won't work :(  I guess I can upload to You Tube and post a link though :)  Or if you follow me on facebook, you will see his latest rockin' out to Calvin Harris on his jolly - what a kid!

Another small inclination I am having regarding fussyness is that I have been eating a small amount of dairy again..... I am hoping this isn't the case, we will see over the next couple days, but it's SO HARD to completely give it up - dairy is pretty much in EVERYTHING that isn't wholesome.... and although we pretty much eat only whole foods and cook from scratch, there IS the odd thing (like a piece of freekin' bread) that has either dairy or soy in it lol.  He is almost at the six month mark, and I am pretty sure he is reacting better with the dairy as opposed to when he was 2 months old, but still....there is a small tinge of guilt when I put that nice piece of sharp cheddar cheese in my mouth and sigh as it melts in my mouth :)

I haven't really been posting, I know, but I have been so exhausted trying to put him down at night for this's taken about an hour each night.  Granted, I don't rock him or hold him, I let him talk and roll and scream (not because he is mad - he has found his voice) in his crib, and I read a book until he whines to go to sleep....then it takes a whole 3 minutes for him to fall asleep on my shoulder .... so sweet <3

And now that he is asleep....I think I am going to go to sleep as well!! :D

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