Thursday, 3 May 2012

Happy 5 Months!

Happy 5 months little man!  Boy does time fly!

This month, we are focusing on Ethan getting prepared and ready to eat solids.  As you saw before in a post, he sits with us at the table in his high chair.  I try to have him sit on my lap for one meal a day and let him do as he pleases (aside from putting any food in his mouth).  I started a few days ago...
DAY 1 - looked at food, watched me chew
DAY 2 - looked at food, touched plate
DAY 3 - looked at food, and moved plate, put finger inside plate, watched me chew

This photo was from today :)
We still have our strict rule - 6 months until solids, but play is ok as long as it is on our lap.  And of course, his hands get washed when we are finished.

Also today, we watched dad and grampa start to put up a fence.  He played on his mat outside for a good 25 minutes - looking at the trees, laughing at the trees, listening to nature outside.  He absolutely loves it!

Other than that, we've had a pretty boring day.  I came down with what Ethan had (I think).  Today is a sore throat and zero energy.  I have been trying to lay down all day - not easy when your almost better son still needs cuddling (only while standing and holding him!).  I've been trying to put him down for some extra naps (tee hee).  He's been going down fine and it helps me to get some extra rest.

He's not very hungry, and I can see why.  I'm not hungry either and with all the "draining" (ewww I know), food is the last thing on my mind.  We are going for dinner to Grama & Grampa's for nacho's tonight....I am kinda looking forward to that :D  Worst case, I bring my leftovers home and have them a bit soggy tomorrow (better for the throat).

Here's a sneak peak of our fence being build (Yah - just the four corner posts, but still, you can see hard men at work!)

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