Wednesday, 2 May 2012

And we're back....

Ethan seems to be feeling better....

Well at least the runny/stuffy nose is gone.  But he slept most of the day (was up for about 7 hours total) and had a complete meltdown at bedtime tonight.  He went to bed early (7pm) because he was up since 2:30pm and missed an afternoon nap.  So that was fine and we did our routine - and he was good.  He wasn't hungry so he didn't nurse (he nursed at 5:30) and then went ballistic.  OF COURSE it's the day that is super hot out and we need windows open! This photo was before the meltdown.  (can you see his eczema - poor guy!  The cream is working though, they look better - and they always look worse after a bath, and he had a bath prior to this photo).

So I got him to sleep, and he was down for half hour then woke up again - whining, not crying..... he did this 3 times and then lost it again.  So I nursed him and he seems to be down now.... but we will see if he wakes up.  Naturally I am alone tonight but surprisingly I'm not really stressed out.

I had my 4th personal training session today and I am L-O-V-I-N-G it!  I haven't felt "workout sore" for quite a long time and I have to say it feels pretty good!  Here's some cute pictures of Ethan from when I came home from the gym - hangin' with Grama outside!

I'm still "spring cleaning".  I have the kitchen, dining room and living room finished (minus floors and windows - that's a weekend project!).

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  1. What a cutie pie! Interesting how the eczema runs in the family. It's definitely from the Dufour side. I find the betaderm ointment works better than the cream. The doctor has given me both. You don't realize how itchy the stuff is until they get older and they can scratch it. Simon would scratch until he bled! THe key is moisterize, moisterize, moisterize!