Wednesday, 16 May 2012

I am amazed....

I am amazed that every day Ethan gets more involved and does so much more every day.  For example, on his exersaucer, he used to just look at things, now he spins around, grabs items, moves items, pushes buttons to play music and really knows what to do.

In his Jolly Jumper, he used to just kinda stand there and tap his feet - now he jumps!  I feel bad taking him out of there he has so much fun but we have a 15 minute limit on that for now :) He doesn't realize it at the time, but he gets very tired from it and we end up with some cranky time (I'm sure it works out his legs with the way he jumps).

He is rolling over like crazy now too.  He is so funny in his crib, he rolls around and ends up on the opposite side of the crib facing the opposite way I put him!  He is doing so well.

We have a count down going on - 18 days until we can start solids!  He is reeeealllly getting interested in food now.  If I am eating something (because usually I'm grabbing something/anything I can while he is up), he is just staring and watching my mouth and watching me put food in my mouth.

I tried to upload videos but it didn't seem to work :(  There were some cute ones too!  I'll try again later and hope that they come up so check back again!

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