Thursday, 29 December 2011

4 weeks old...almost

Wow - I can't believe Ethan is 4 weeks old on Saturday.  It baffles my mind how fast he has grown and how different he already looks.  I look at his newborn photos and his head and body are sooo tiny.  Now he seems so much bigger to me ( I know he is still tiny but being with him every day I notice how he was and how he is).  I still don't see much of his personality yet but I do understand, for the most part, what his cries and fussiness mean.

His newborn clothes no longer fit.  Some of his shirts won't even go over his head.  He is now fitting into 0-3 month clothing.  I do notice that I have a tiny bit more wear from the sleepers from the states though. I think their clothing runs a bit bigger.

Christmas was pretty good.  He did well and was perfectly fine being passed around from person to person.  I am quite happy about that.  I know he is still young but if we can get him used to that from the start, then hopefully he will like going to other people.  It takes soooo long though to get everything packed up, loaded in the car and unloaded at peoples houses.  That was 3 straight days and we were tired of all that!  For example, what comes with us:  Diaper bag - diapers, cream, wipes, extra clothing, receiving blankets, bibs, bottles, milk, milk bags.  Then I have my pump.  Then I have the nursing pillow.  Then we have Ethan with his car seat, blanket, bunting cover.  So this week we told our families that we are going nowhere and everyone can come to us - because we are tired!  We are having New Years Eve at our house and we are soooo excited to not have to go out!

Visitors are starting to come to the house as well to meet him. It's nice seeing everybody and seeing their reactions when they meet Ethan.  He is already a little charmer!

He has finally started to breastfeed.  He will nurse now for about 20-25 minutes.  I still top him off with a bottle after.  I still don't trust that he is getting enough just from me.  He seems to be a bit of a lazy eater when breastfeeding, so I don't know if he is always getting milk or if he is just using me as a pacifier.  It's funny though, because, I switched, AGAIN, to a different bottle and it said it's supposed to mimic breastfeeding, and ever since he has been with those bottles, he also takes to the breast.  I am now using the Playtex Drop In system.... the same kind that pretty much all of us had as babies if bottle fed.  It's the ones with the plastic bag that drops into the hollow bottle.  They are great.  He doesn't have any projectile vomiting and hardly any spit up (he still spits up but not nearly what he used to).  And the gassiness has seemed to become doesn't seem to build up in his little tummy - he just lets them rip!

Things are still getting easier and easier.  I find it is still hard to initially put him down to sleep but once he is down, he only awakes for his feedings and then falls back asleep.  He still is going down between 11 and 12 at night, then wakes up around 4:30am for a feeding and then again at 7:30am.  Sometimes he will go back down until 9:30am, and others he is wide awake.  If he does sleep later, I am a happy mommy.  If not, we just chill downstairs with the pups and have a lazy morning.  I'm trying to rest when he sleeps but it's just so hard.  I am feeling good during the day though so I don't think I am that sleep deprived (but yes, I still could sleep for 3 days straight if it was at all possible!)

So, that's really all I have for updates.  The main thing that I am excited about is the possible success to breastfeeding.  Even if it's just at night that he does it, it will make my/our lives sooo much easier because I can nurse and go back to sleep.  Not nurse, top up and pump, then fill the bags, clean the equipment and finally go back to sleep for an hour and a half before doing it all again!  *But, if I have to do that, I will hands down, do it because my little man deserves the best and as the saying goes "Breast is Best!!"

Goodnite :)

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