Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Our baby is 11 days old :)

I cannot believe we have had a cute little newborn for 11 days now.  It is still surreal to us that he is ours, that we created him and that he grew inside me for almost 10 months!

Every day/night seems to get easier and easier, and I honestly can say that I could not imagine our life without Ethan.  He seems to just fit right in.

He had his first doctor's appointment yesterday and passed with flying colours.  He gained a 3/4 lbs since last Wednesday, so he is definitely getting enough food.  He has completely recovered from last weeks mishap and he is starting to nurse as well, which I am so delighted about.  I will do anything for our baby, even if that means pumping 24 hours around the clock, every 2-3 hours, but if I can get a couple nursing sessions in there, it would just make life a little bit easier!

He seems to be a really happy baby.  He is starting to get on a schedule.  I let him tell me when he is hungry.  He is starting to sleep more at night and stay awake a bit during the day, but mostly he just sleeps and eats.  We are learning what his cries mean and when he fusses or grunts, we can usually figure out if he has a dirty diaper.   He is growing out of his newborn sleepers slowly, and hopefully soon we can start using the cloth diapers.  Right now they are waaaay too big on him, so we are still using the newborn pampers.  They are getting a bit snug on him and we've had a few leaks.  It's especially wonderful (using that term loosly) when I'm feeding him and feel a trickle going down my side...... and no, it's not milk!  He is a heavy wetter so we have to be very diligent on diaper changes.  We are learning!

The dogs are adjusting well.  Paco is very concerned when he cries, and he is my sidekick baby monitor.  If anybody other than Ryan and I are holding him you can be sure that Paco is right at your feet watching you!  Lola is starting to warm up to him, but she really doesn't care.  Sometimes we will catch her sniffing his feet or staring at him, watching him move and grunt.   All our worries are out the window with them, but there is still a bit of caution there.

We have taken Ethan out on a few occasions.  He has been to the grocery store, both grandparents houses, a restaurant (for my Christmas Party), to the house where he got his newborn photos done (soon to come), the hospital and the doctors office.  He is getting better with the car seat, still screams for the most part when we put him in there but settles down right away.

I will try to update weekly.  It depends on when I can get to the computer for any length of time.  Usually when he naps I am either pumping, catching up on sleep, showering or tidying up.  Currently Grandma Dufour is here so I am able to do a few things, including this!

I am also considering making this blog private, so when I do decide to do that, I will put a post up a week before so it is known that you have to sign up to receive updates.

Time to feed the peanut!

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