Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Sick Baby :(

Ethan has gotten his second cold in his short little life :(  The first was at 4 months old and 5 months later, he has his second.  This one seems a bit better than the first time.  He is still a pretty happy baby but both of us did not get our much needed sleep last night.  He was up till about 11.  He did go down at his normal time but only slept an hour, so he is now taking a well deserved nap.  I just hope he gets a good quality nap in.  I am running the vaporizer with some vicks in it, and he cleared up pretty good.

No pictures today - I don't think you want to see a booger face baby :) Thankfully he is letting me wipe under his nose now - only when absolutely needed of course!

Poor bug - I hope he gets better very very soon!

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