Sunday, 26 August 2012

Our First Overnight Trip

We decided to go to London this past Thursday and see how Ethan did with an overnight trip.  I'm happy to say it went well.  He pretty much stayed on schedule.  We went to London to visit Uncle Matt & Aunt Krista and we all had a good time!

Ethan slept in his Pack & Play.  I bought a mattress pad for specifically for the Pack & Play and a cute sheet to go overtop of it (sorry no photos).

Since Ethan always gets a bath and we didn't really have an option to give him a bath, we decided to put him in the sink :)

The next day we went to the Covent Garden Market and fell in love.  It is such an amazing market (at least compared to what we have here!) and we got some good finds.

Ethan also enjoyed the sight seeing!  He enjoyed it so much he pretty much passed out the entire way home!

And on the way home, I bought myself a yummy (aquired taste) Kombocha tea - yummmmm-o!

Our next trip will be to Toronto where we will stay more than one night.  Now that we know he will do fine, we are more confident in the visit - just have to work on the car ride as a simple 1.5 hour trip to London is like hell on fire!  

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