Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Some Updates and forks in the road...

So to start off with the good.....

I have decided on my shower favour gifts.  Originally we were going to do the Bath & Body Works soaps, and although they are going to be used by everyone, I found it was not quite as personal to give.  So what I've decided on (no I'm not telling you!) is something that Ryan & I use and believe in and would love to spread the word about these magical little things :)  (I bet you can't wait to see!!)

I have a prenatal appointment today, and I will be getting a referral for my glucose screening test.  I am not looking forward to it, not because of worry, but because I have to sit at the lab for a couple hours (or maybe one hour) and drink some orange syrupy stuff....... but it's just another milestone in the pregnancy and that is what I'm looking forward to!

Ryan & I are taking a prenatal class on natural childbirth with a Doula named Rhea Eady on Sunday.  You can look her up here.  I am looking forward to this class, even more so now, due to the reason I'm posting below.

Onto the (kinda but not really) bad...

So our Doula decided to withdrawal from us because there is a chance I'd deliver at Christmas.  I understand considering she has a little one at home.  She offered to help us find another Doula, however we are confident that we can do it on our own.  I have a lot of knowledge going in hoping for a natural, non-invasive birth and Ryan I know, will be there to support me 100%.  This is why I am really looking forward to this class.... and I'll be sure to update on it Sunday night, along with my glucose test experience :)

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