Sunday, 4 September 2011

Not much going on....

So there isn't too much going on.  I'm in my 26th week, just brimming the third trimester :)  I'm starting to feel quite tired now, almost like the first trimester, except I still have spurts of energy here and there.  I have been getting what I think is Braxton Hicks contractions as well - how they are described is what I'm feeling -- not painful, just discomforting.

I've decided to learn how to crochet baby hats.  There are a few owl pattens on Etsy and they are expensive....(I would still buy them however!) but I thought I could learn to crochet them and the baby cocoons and then I would be able to coordinate them the way I want to for the newborn photo's that I want to do with him.  The patterns are on Etsy for cheap and I can make different sizes in case Baby D has a bigger head than a standard newborn.  :)

Other than that, nothing else is going on.  Just finishing renovations and looking forward to our Vegas trip!!!

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