Thursday, 14 July 2011

Second Prenatal Appointment

So I had my second appointment yesterday.  All seems to be well.  He just did an overall check and asked questions about how things were going etc...  he did the sonogram and the heartbeat was still in the 160's and said that was good and location of the uterus is good too.

I got myself a doula since I am planning to go totally natural.  Before you go thinking I'm trying to be a "hero", I am not doing it because of that.  Physically and mentally I feel that I can do this, and with a coach for myself and Ryan, I am confident that I can go through with it.  There is a lot of benefits to going natural (and with epidural the benefit is definitely no pain!!!), including a 50% less chance of cesarean sections and that is my decision.  In the end, if it fails, then the epidural is always there for me to take.  My thoughts are that I don't judge women who get an epidural, and therefore I expect that people would not judge me for going natural :)

I am slowly working on the registry. I registered at Babies 'r' Us and sears.  What's nice is that I can do it all online.  There are a few things that I want to go to the stores to look at - particularly the furniture, monitor, breast pump, stroller and playard.  I still have time to do that, and I may wait until I find out the sex so I can "accidentally" pick up a few things :D

Speaking of gender, we have our ultrasound in two weeks - July 29th.  We are soooo excited to find out what little Baby D is!

He/She is still very active. I felt a lot of fetal movements today - wasn't really feeling too many for a few days but they are back and I'm not complaining!!  

Our master bedroom is almost complete.  Should be done just in time for when we find out the sex so I can pick the wallpaper out for the nursery.  Then we can work on the nursery :)  There isn't too much to do in there - basically just the wallpaper, trim and some shelving in the closet.

And on that note, it's time for me to go to bed - tiredness seems to take over after 8pm :)

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