Thursday, 23 June 2011's been a while

Sorry it's been awhile.  We have just been so busy with painting and cleaning that I completely forgot to post!!  I had an "extra" ultrasound on Sunday, marking my 14 week point.  And let me tell you, Baby D is one active baby!!  The position was not great, but I did get to see the face a few times and the arms and legs moving and the many somersaults Baby D did!

I am definitely starting to show now - still not enough to give you a belly pic though ;)  Soon enough! I promise by 20 weeks I will post one.  I am still feeling great, but the last couple of days I have had a headache and have been really tired, but other than that, all is good.  I think it's the weather personally and working so much.

So the baby's room and our master bedroom is now painted.  I am doing one wall of wallpaper in the nursery and already picked it out - one for a boy and one for a girl.  I think it's going to look good.  I also decided not to get the convertible bed because I got some really good advice from my sister in law (Who is also pregnant and shares the same due date as us!!!!)  So once we know what the sex is, I'm going to start doing the baby shopping and picking out the furniture.  It will be white regardless, but I'll choose either masculine or feminine after we find out.

Here is the video of Baby D at exactly 14 weeks..... keep an eye out for the face :)

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