Wednesday, 8 June 2011

It's official...

I'm in my second trimester :)  It's such a huge relief!  I put the official facebook post up and got an awesome overwhelming response from some great friends!

I feel the same as last week - but I have lots of energy.  We are finishing our upstairs for our bedroom and the nursery so Ryan and I have been super busy getting rid of junk that we stored up there and cleaning up so the floors can be done tomorrow.... after that I can start painting and move furniture up there :)

We are going to paint the nursery a shade off from white (still white, but not stark white) and then accent with pink or blue, depending on what Baby D will be.  I'm thinking I want a lifetime crib (not exactly sure what they are called) where it goes from crib, to transition bed to a toddler bed.

As for our room, it's still undecided!!  We want it simple and streamlined so it's going to have minimal furniture (because there is not much room!!).  There is a walk in closet (small again) so that should be able to hold most of our stuff.  We have definitely been purging a lot from the house - things we no longer use, and are donating it to the Mission store - someone will use the stuff - just not us!

That's really all, maybe next post there will be a belly picture up - undecided still though :)  You might have to wait a bit longer!!!

Don't forget to play our baby game HERE.  When you click on the link, under SEARCH, enter babydufour2011 to pull our game up....

And I made a typo, our 20 week ultrasound is July 29th, not July 27th.

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  1. We bought a 3 in 1 crib for Simon but we never used it as a bed because by the time he was ready to leave the crib he was too big for the crib mattress anyway. There was really no room for him to roll around without falling off. So I didn't find it worth the trouble. We just put him right into a twin bed that was low to the ground. At first we put side rails but then we took them off and he was fine. He's fallen out of bed a few times but because it's low to the floor he doesn't get hurt. Anyway, that's just my opinion.