Wednesday, 10 April 2013

There's a party in my belly

Not really too much to report other than a SUPER ACTIVE baby Q right now.  He does not stop kicking and stretching and hiccupping!  Ethan was the same way but I don't remember him being this crazy this early.  I don't mind really, but sometimes it really hurts!  It's physically noticeable to see him moving now because my belly moves with his kicks.  I am happy that he is head down - been that way for a couple weeks now.  At my 20 week scan he was "breech" and although I am very well aware that they flip constantly, it was still in the back of my mind that he may stay that way.  Well he seems to like it head down now - how do I know he's down?  Well the constant kicks in the ribs!

I have started very early this time with Braxton Hicks contractions as well - not painful, but most definitely uncomfortable.  I'd like to believe that this means Baby Q will come early as well.... but I think that's just a personal hope :)

I am continuing to round out, but again, I don't feel as large as I was with Ethan.  I have gained about 10 lbs so far and I am in my 23rd week.... I think that's pretty good.  I know, I know, why am I worrying about my weight right!  Well, I kinda have to because I am REALLY trying to prevent insulin injections with my mild case of diabetes.  I do not want a "high risk" pregnancy and as long as I control with diet and exercise, I am not considered high risk.

We are on full throttle organization and getting the house complete before Baby Q comes.  There really isn't too much left to do, just 3 major things.  I have decided to make the bedding for new baby as well. I found a PERFECT fabric for it and it is on it's way!  You can see the beautiful fabric HERE.  The company is Monaluna and it's the Fox Hollow print.  It's a bundle of 10 1/2 yard fabrics!  It's organic as well and made in her barn!  So with it, I am making the baby quilt and the bed skirt, plus some newborn bibs, maybe a baby shirt and just other random things.  I am very excited!

I went though all of Ethan 0-3 month clothing and oh my word he has the CUTEST selection!  I must have been way too tired to notice lol.  I am lucky that I don't really have to get anything other than a few summer rompers for him because the rest will fit him perfectly.  I thought I would have to buy 6-12 month clothing as well (as Ethan was in summer clothes by then, and Q will be in winter cothes) but for some reason I have a lot that will be good for him too!

We still have to buy a crib mattress and that is pretty much all we need.  We are still trying to figure out sleeping situations for the first few months until he goes into Ethans bed.  At first I joked that Q could sleep in the hallway in a bassinet outside our room- but then I started to think that it's probably a good idea after a couple weeks so he doesn't constantly smell my milk and wake up ;).  Plus Ethan can slowly get used to his cries as well..... We will see.... I still have 4 months to think about it :D

That's all I've got for you!  Sorry no pictures again, I will have to work on that a bit better.  Ethan is so active that I barely have time to think about grabbing the camera!  And now his nap is over and it's time to play all over again!

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