Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Sick Baby :( and energy burst for me!

Ethan is sick, poor thing.  He is still very active during the day but there are moments where he definitely needs to rest - and I suck all of those cuddles up! The worst is at bedtime when he is sleeping and wakes up with his coughing fits - poor thing.  I know I can't really give him anything, but I did give him Tylenol and Advil for his fever and a sample from Aleva Naturals Breathe Easy Chest Rub.  He woke up and couldn't breathe so I rubbed some on his back and he seemed to fall back asleep and has been asleep for over an hour.  I'm using a warm mist humidifier as well with Eucalyptus Oil in it.  Thankfully I am not working any day shifts this week!

As for me, I have such a huge burst of energy.  I mean, I cleaned the floors tonight..... I used my steam cleaner, but still....that takes a lot of effort!  AND I'm doing laundry lol.  Ryan usually does the laundry, but since he is on afternoons I have to do the dirty work ;)  I have also been on a cooking/baking spree. The lovely second trimester..... better get this all in now before the third starts!!

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