Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Where has the time gone?

Sorry it's been awhile... A loooong while since I have posted but things have been crazy around here!

Ethan is definitely a handful.... In a good way of course. He is very busy and is always doing something. Luckily when I have to do something, like prepare dinner, he is good with playing independently for a good 20 minutes.

Sleep is getting better too. He still naps once a day for 1.5 hours. He's now mostly sleeping through the night. We learned last night that snacks before bed are important!  He woke at 6am crying for milk, whereas the rest of the week he didn't wake until 8:30 for breakfast. He's almost 15 months old so we are getting there!
**update** that was short lived, we are back to one bottle in the early a.m. (between 5:30 and 6:30).  It's ok - especially since he will go back to sleep until 9am !

I've gone back to work... It's part time and hours are decent so I did not find the transition to be too bad. It gets hard when I work more than 2 days in a row on both Ethan and I. But I only have 5 more months to go because we are expecting our second baby at the beginning of August!

Because of this wonderful surprise we now have to rename the blog yet again.....I just have to think of something creative :) any suggestions???

I'm planning to update more regularly again.... making time to do so.  Things are finally settling back down and I foresee that I will have more time to blog - at least 2-3 times a week (let's hope!)

Here is how Ethan now smiles for the camera - as soon as I pull out the Nikon this is what he does! (iPhone still gets cute faces).

Honestly, he really is a cute toddler!

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