Saturday, 23 June 2012

Breastfeeding Update

I haven't written about breastfeeding and how it's been going lately, so I thought I'd if you don't want to read this (aka if you are a male) then I suggest you wait for the next post :)

As you know, we had a rough start with breastfeeding and I had a hard time accepting it.  It's the ONE thing I really wanted to do.  Well after 2 months of hard work, we got a good start on it and by 3.5 months we were breastfeeding like it was never an issue.  To this day we are still going strong.  I'd like to share my experience with Ethan because I have 2 pregnant friends and one that just had her baby, and I know they are all avid readers of this they can kinda see where I'm at and what to possibly expect lol.

But now we have come to another little roadblock (one that is normal that most babies do!)  He is VERY distracted.  I have to nurse in a quiet area.  But now that we are doing so well with it, I've been nursing more in the open where I can talk to people and he is getting used to it a bit more.  I was at a friends house yesterday and we were both nursing our babies (hers 1 week new, mine almost 7 months) and we were able to carry on a conversation without Ethan whipping his head around every 3 seconds.

Ethan is now very vocal about when he wants to eat.  He had learned how to "sign" for milk.  That is great because we are able to communicate with each other.  But sometimes he just does it to watch his hand move.  Regardless, I put him to breast whenever he does it so he gets the point that it's for milk.  Since I've been doing that he has been doing it less...only when he needs milk.

If I don't see his cue right away, he wants to be held so he can smack my chest and pulls my shirt down.... this is great, especially in public.  (No, not really).  I try not to respond when he does this but then he gets more irritated so I just give in.  It's partly my fault because I don't see him sign for it, but at the same time, he needs to learn that he won't get milk when he acts in that manner.

He also is bored in the cradle position unless he is tired or going down for a nap or just waking up.  His newest position is laying belly to belly, head in an upright position and to nurse that way lol.  Side lying is one of his favorites too...he can roll around and come back when he needs a drink.... or sweetly falls asleep - that's my favorite!

Feedings last a maximum of 10 minutes now (that's if he is REALLY hungry).  He still nurses every 2 to 3 hours, even with solids.  (He gets one or two servings a day..sometimes none if he is "backed up").   He is very efficient which is nice.  Breastfeeding never really consumed a large amount of time (15 minutes maybe), but it was a struggle getting him on.  Now it's like we are pros and never really had a problem, which I am grateful for.

HERE is a video I made of Ethan's first 6 months of life.  If you are on facebook, you more than likely have seen this.  If not, then enjoy :)

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