Thursday, 20 October 2011

Small Update

So I saw the diabetic doctor yesterday.  He upped my night time insulin from 6 units to 8 units and added an insulin injection before breakfast since my sugars are higher in the morning.  They were still slightly high this morning, but not as bad ..... I was .2 higher than I should have been.

He said it's not my diet that is affecting the high sugars, but I still think it may be.  I try to eat a variety of grains to see what affects the sugars the most.  White pasta is a no-no (I already knew that but tried it out anyway).  Cream of Wheat doesn't seem to be too good either.  Tomorrow I'm going to test out oatmeal.

I also saw my OB yesterday, and I am now going to go for fetal non-stress tests and ultrasounds bi-weekly.  This starts on Wednesday.  Life is getting busy now between all these appointments and getting the house done, so I have a feeling that time is going to fly by very very quickly!  Let's hope I make it past the shower - at least one week so I can get the nursery ready and bags packed.  Since I'm measuring 5 weeks ahead now, it's a possibility that I may go early..... just a possibility though.

That's all the updates I have.  If I can get a picture of our little man next week, I'll be sure to post!

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